Application Wrapper:
BatchMake executes precompiled command line applications in a sequential manner. However, it is often difficult to remember all the command line arguments specified to an application. For this reason, BatchMake integrates the Application Wrapper, a simple and intuitive program that allows users to describe their applications. Moreover, users who are developing applications using the Insight Toolkit can use the MetaCommand to directly implement the command line parsing. One powerful option of MetaCommand is that running the compiled application using the '-vxml' returns an xml description of the current application. The Application Wrapper makes use of this feature so precompiled applications that use MetaCommand are parsed directly and do not need to be manually described.

Screenshots of the application wrapper are also available. A brief introduction to MetaCommand can be found here.

Distributed Computing:
BatchMake can be run in a distributed environment via Condor. Condor is a high throughput computing system which allows the use of computation resources on grids such as Globus. In a click of a button, BatchMake converts a standard script to a Condor script ready to be sent to the Condor manager. Moreover, BatchMake integrates a novel GUI interface named Condor Watcher to look over the different jobs. Each job can send data to a central database for data collection.

Online Analysis:
BatchMake is not only a scripting tool, but it also combined a web interface frontend and a SQL database for collecting data from running scripts. An example of such web interface is shown here and some screenshots are also available. The online interface allows users to define experiments and collect the resulting data from distributed machines and perform statistical analysis such as the Tagguchi method or graph generation.